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  • About Latimer4 (retired-Leader)

    I joined Hot Sauce Army on September 2, 2009. I trained under Hypermext54 (Glass), the Hot Sauce Army creator, and Dudex229 (DX). I became the 3rd Soldier of the Month and was listed as the most active soldier. I became leader during the 4th generation start up of HSA. I wanted to make HSA a fun army family again like it used to be. Unfortunetly I was unsuccessful. I am now retired from all CP armies.

R.I.P HSA :(

Well the title says it all. We have decided to let Hot Sauce Army R.I.P. 😥

We were hoping to keep this army alive for its one year aniversary in August but it just won’t work. 😕

A big Thank You to all of the soldiers that enlisted and made the HSA family soar to number 4 on the Large Army Top Ten List! We were truly epic! 😉




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Crazy Matterhorn Ride!

WOW what a ride! So the Hot Sauce Army went up against the Black Bandits to defend the Matterhorn server but to no avail. However it was a great battle that the HSA had not seen in a long long time. We all had a lot of fun. 🙂 The Black Bandits really did prove that they are a medium sized army with a mission. The HSA would like to thank the Pretzel Army of CP for trying to help us. We gave it that good old HSA spirit but our numbers just dont match up with larger armys anymore. I think we did make an impression on the Music Jam Party on CP and hope the armys get new recruits from it. Well here are the pics:


Edit: The BB had their times posted wrong and fixed them this morning. This does not comply with the 24 hour rule to let armys know about an invasion. Unless they change the date to Friday. So this invasion is actually not legit. However we will be ready to defend our nation!

The Black Bandits are invading our server Matterhorn. Guess who is in the BB now……Beast 😐 So he is brain washing another army to follow him. I wonder how long it will be before he trashes the BB site? Well we need all soldiers to be active if we are going to stand a chance. You see the BB are close to being a medium sized army but they are to weak to fight a medium sized army so they are picking a fight with us. 😕 So lets give them a fight!!!

When: Thursday July 8th

Where: Matterhorn


  • 5pm PST
  • 7pm CST
  • 8pm EST
  • 1am UK

Can you believe the BB noobs had their times all posted wrong. XD

Leave a comment and be on chat early.

recruiting reminder

Hai guys this is just a reminder of recruiting! I hope you can make it, comment if you can.

heres the dates 😀

Tuesday July6,2010

  • 3pm PST
  • 4pm MT
  • 5pm CST
  • 6pm EST
  • 11pm UK

Here was todays session on Matterhorn:


Hey people its me Justin. I was looking around HSA site and chat and noticed something. I haven’t seen a single post about results of an event and not many posts have been made since I retired. Also I looked and the chat and noticed your using the page bg I made for old chat.

Page BG:http://i820.photobucket.com/albums/zz122/jjthorp1/hsapagebg-1.png

Chat BG:http://i820.photobucket.com/albums/zz122/jjthorp1/HSAnewbg-1.png

If you ever need to contact me email me at jjthorp@sbcglobal.net



Hello Tnt here, Latimer and I agreed to do recruiting  on Tuesdays!!!

This means every Tuesday we will have a recruiting session starting this Tuesday June 29 at:

  • 3pm PST
  • 4pm MT
  • 5pm CST
  • 6pm EST
  • 11pm UK

Comment if you can come 😀

If you come we are handing out free waffles 😀 So come if you want waffles!!!!!! 😛

CAUTION: Waffles contain Hot Sauce 😮

Hi im Tnt254

Hello, I’m Tnt254 as you know I’ ve been in HSA since February. (for those of you that didn’t know I am.)  I am finally HSA leader. 😀  I will try to take HSA into some fun times. I don’t really wanna make this a long post but anyways thnx for reading this post cya soon.

P.S. You can call me Tnt